Costa Coffee

Cafe or Restaurant Chain

Address: Whitbread Group plc, Whitbread Court, Houghton Hall Office Park, Porz Avenue
City, State ZIP: Dunstable, LU5 5XE
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +44.1582.424200
Kiosks: Yes
Last Update: 05/17/2008
First Entered: 05/17/2008

Chain of U.K.-based coffee houses founded in 1971 by a couple of Italian brothers. In 1995 the Whitbread franchise purchased it, and it has spread across Asia and the Middle East ever since. Molded like a UK version of Starbucks, it comes complete with the cheesy adult rock music to prove its Starbucks-like aspirations.

Locations reviewed of this chain:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Costa Coffee Terminal 3 Baggage Claim, Dubai International Airport Dubai 5.60
Costa Coffee Terminal 3 Concourse, Dubai International Airport Dubai 5.60
Costa Coffee L8. Outer Circle, Connaught Place Connaught Place New Delhi 6.40