Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Cafe or Restaurant Chain

Address: 3377 SE Division St., Suite 101
City, State ZIP: Portland, OR 97202
Country: United States
Phone: +1.503.230.7797
Kiosks: No
Last Update: 10/06/2015
First Entered: 05/18/2010

What started with a few cafés in Portland has since spread to cafés and roasting operations in Seattle to cafés in New York City and Amsterdam. They then added Los Angeles.

They got heavy into their bottled cold coffee and started taking up retail space with a new "refrigerated section" in their shops.

And while they are among the world's elite coffee roasters and coffeehouse operations, and despite the many New Yorkers who might hold them up to the highest esteem, we never quite got what the fuss was about. In terms of quality and experience, they rate more in the lower half of the upper tier.

After taking on a round or two of heavy investment, by October 6, 2015 they announced their acquisition by Peet's Coffee & Tea plus plans to expand into Washington DC and Austin, TX.

Locations reviewed of this chain:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 7000 NE Airport Way Portland 7.80
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 128 SW 3rd Ave. Downtown Portland 8.00
Stumptown Coffee Roasters 616 E Pine St. Capitol Hill Seattle 7.40