Barefoot Coffee Roasters

Cafe or Restaurant Chain

Address: 72475 De La Cruz Blvd.
City, State ZIP: Santa Clara, CA 95050
Country: United States
Phone: +1.408.248.4500
Kiosks: Yes
Last Update: 02/16/2014
First Entered: 10/25/2010

Barefoot Coffee Roasters started in 2003 with an individual mission to bring excellent coffee to the South Bay. Andy Newbom (who left the company in 2011 to start a microbrewery in El Salvador) and his crew have done exactly that - Barefoot consistently offers arguably our favorite coffees in the Bay Area - but what's also commendable is *how* they've done it. They work directly with select farms around the world and are a true microroaster as well. They have since opened a Roll-Up bar in a San Jose residential neighborhood (next to their new roasting HQ). They have started a mobile truck service, and they have since opened and closed the downtown San Jose Karma Bar and their original Santa Clara location that is now a Chromatic Coffee.

By 2011, Barefoot expanded by opening "licensed independent operator" coffeeshops under the "Barefoot Coffee Works" name in Campbell and Los Gatos, CA. They relocated their roasting operations from San Jose back to Santa Clara in Feb. 2014.

Locations reviewed of this chain:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Barefoot Coffee Roasters 76 Sunol St. San Jose 8.50
Barefoot Coffee Roasters 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara 8.60
Barefoot Coffee Works 1819 S. Bascom Ave. Campbell 7.50