Segafredo Zanetti

Cafe or Restaurant Chain

Address: Via Puccini, 1
City, State ZIP: Bologna, 40067
Country: Italy
Phone: +39.051.6202.111
Kiosks: No
Last Update: 11/27/2008
First Entered: 04/26/2005

This Italian roaster has cafe locations throughout the world. They once had a few locations in San Francisco (at the SF Shopping Center and UCSF campus, etc.) until these were locally bought out by a local group under the name Café Bellini in early 2008.

Locations reviewed of this chain:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Segafredo Express 865 Market St. SOMA San Francisco 6.00
Segafredo Express 865 Market St., #26 Union Square San Francisco 4.40
Segafredo Zanetti Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport Dubai 5.50
Segafredo Zanetti 235 Powell St. Union Square San Francisco 5.20
Segafredo Zanetti 28 Cyril Magnin St. Union Square San Francisco 4.90