Espresso Supply, Inc.

Cup Manufacturer

Address: 1123 NW 51st St.
City, State ZIP: Seattle, WA 98107
Country: United States
Phone: +1.206.782.6670
Description: Cremaware, Rattleware ceramic cups for coffee service market
Last Update: 08/03/2014
First Entered: 08/03/2014

Cremaware (of Rattleware) is Seattle's Espresso Supply manufacture (in China) of café-quality cups and saucers to replace they dying breed of ACF and Nuova Point supplies out on the market.

Locations using cups made by this manufacturer:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Seattle Coffee Works 107 Pike St. Seattle 7.70
Taylor Maid Farms 6790 McKinley St., #170 Sebastopol 8.10