Espresso Machine Manufacturer

Address: Via San Quirico, 300
City, State ZIP: Campi Bisenzio, FI 50013
Country: Italy
Phone: +39.055.8803711
Machine Types: Semi-automatic, superautomatic
Groups: 1-2
Models: Café Retrò, Cafè Roma, Mirage
Last Update: 01/13/2008
First Entered: 01/13/2008

Coffee roaster, espresso machine manufacturer, and producer of electrical domestic home products from their Disney line of baby monitors and bottle warmers to grills and toasters. They make just about everything. And although the emphasis is heavily on home retail electronics, they produce some industrial-grade machines for business as well.

Locations using espresso machines made by this manufacturer:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Caffè Mulassano Piazza Castello, 15 Torino 8.40