Espresso Machine Manufacturer

Address: 5628 Airport Way S, Studio 238
City, State ZIP: Seattle, WA 98199
Country: United States
Phone: +
Machine Types: Semi-automatic
Groups: 2-3
Models: Slayer
Last Update: 01/03/2010
First Entered: 01/03/2010

Comical name makes you wonder if a 14-year-old started this company. Corny posturing on their Web site sort of confirms it. (i.e., "What lies on the other side of Caffe Artigiano, David Schomer, PID, FB80, Fair Trade, Cup of Excellence, and all the dreams of an organic, authentic, Coffee Universe now circulating and seemingly just beyond our grasp?") Promoted heavily by industry wannabe hipsters who use the term "'spro" with a straight face.

But even if this small company takes themselves a little too seriously at not taking their business seriously enough, they make pretty serious machines - and it's not just the pretty looks. Industrial Craft-built machines with brew temperature stability on multiple group heads (including manual control of brewing pressure).

Locations using espresso machines made by this manufacturer:

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