Fornos de Lava

Overall Rating: 6.400

Address: Travessa de São Tiago, 46
Cross Street(s): Rua João Inácio de Sousa
City, State ZIP: Santo Amaro, 9800-347
Neighborhood: São Jorge
Phone: +351.295.432415
Hours: M-Su 12:30pm-12am
Type of Establishment: Restaurant
Cafe Rating: 6.20
Barista: 6
Savvy: 6
Ambiance: 7
Presentation: 6
Consistency: N/A
Espresso Machine: Futurmat
Coffee Rating: 6.60
Aroma: 6
Body: 7
Brightness: 6
Crema: 7
Flavor: 7
Taster's Correction: 0.0
Size: M
Primary Taste: Warming
Coffee Beans: Illy
Cup Manufacturer: Porcelanas da Costa Verde S.A.
Price: $1.05
Last Update: 09/18/2010
First Reviewed: 09/18/2010
Notes: None

Get on a road outside of Velas and drive towards the small village of Santo Amaro. Keep following the signs to Fornos de Lava. Get lost and drive to what seems like the end of the earth. You are likely there. This family-owned (Joaquim Alvarez) restaurant opened in 2003 and is on a large (and under construction) space that overlooks lava fields and the nearby islands. The staff is rather knowledgeable about the various Portuguese coffee styles (e.g., garoto, galão, etc.). However, they use Illy coffee (and saved packets of SATA Airlines sugar) with Delta Platina-branded costa verde cups. Using a large, shiny two-group Futurmat behind the service counter, they pull shots with a minimalist crema. It is a rather mellow coffee with a subtle flavor, suggesting that the coffee rotation - and freshness - suffers a bit here. (Not surprisingly.) ?0.75.