Torrefazione Portioli

Coffee Roaster

Address: Via Cerca 24
City, State ZIP: Caleppio di Settala, 20090
Country: Italy
Phone: +
Blend(s): Il Caffè Top, Bar, Extrabar, Aroma, Gusto, Soave, Decaffeinato
Last Update: 11/14/2013
First Entered: 10/08/2011

In 1958, founder Giorgio Portioli bought a tasting bar on via Eustachi in Milan and started roasting coffee in larger batches to supply the locals. By 1989 the company moved its operations to neighboring Caleppio di Settala and began distributing around the world. They are now operated by the third family generation.

They produce a number of blends for espresso. They also rely on GIME equipment (Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso), where they have a tight relationship.

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Andrea Pansa Piazza Duomo, 40 Piazza Duomo Amalfi 7.90
Caffé Mezza Luna 240 Capistrano Rd. Harbor Village Half Moon Bay 7.40
La Ciccia 291 30th St. Glen Park San Francisco 8.10
La Nebbia 1781 Church St. Noe Valley San Francisco 6.90