Mukilteo Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roaster

Address: 3228 Lake Leo Way, Post Office Box 862
City, State ZIP: Langley, WA 98260
Country: United States
Phone: +1.360.321.5262
Blend(s): Happy Hippie, Bainbridge, Anthony's, Breakfast, Monorail, SOs
Last Update: 11/21/2014
First Entered: 11/21/2014

This Whidbey Island roaster has remained a small, family-owned operation for decades. They call themselves a European-style roaster, but they tend to offer a lot of blends (with good balance, like many European roasters do) and a few national origin coffees. Seattle's legendary Monorail Espresso has an eponymous blend supplied by them for many years.

They also offer courses ("Coffee College" with classes in roasting and espresso training).

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Monorail Espresso 520 Pine St. Downtown Seattle 8.60