Coffee Magic

Coffee Roaster

Address: 46 Vienna St.
City, State ZIP: San Francisco, CA 94112
Country: United States
Phone: +1.415.587.5187
Blend(s): Various eponymous blends and a few single origins
Last Update: 10/08/2012
First Entered: 04/26/2005

The story of Coffee Magic is an unusual one. Rodger Bories has been running a wholesale specialty coffee business since 1982, originally rooted in the model of custom blending roasted coffee for retailers. By the 1990s, they combined pre-roast and post-roast blending. In 2002, he partnered with Phil Jaber of Gateway Liquor to make something out of their terrible coffee operations. Phil went on to become the persona behind Philz Coffee and, according to Mr. Bories, let the success go to his head, took the many business ideas and practices from their joint venture, and spun off on his own. Places like Tart to Tart also use Coffee Magic beans - and sell them direct to customers. But in 2009 Rodger Bories opened his first retail café as Rodger's Coffee & Tea in the Mission. Their coffees tend to have new school freshness and yet old school (second crack, darker roasts, etc.) roasting style - making them a more unique option in SF.

However, things got really bizarre for us around Oct 2012 when Rodger Bories started emailing US Representative Nancy Pelosi and cc'ing us and dozens of other people in the coffee industry saying that we all demand the truth about 9/11. This because we made the mistake a couple years ago of emailing him back once or twice and we have never been in contact with him since. We have since had to apologize to Rep. Pelosi, claiming that we have absolutely nothing to do with him, and ultimately blacklisting the domain from our mail servers. Be warned: something is just not right here.

Locations using coffee from this roastery:

Name Address Neighborhood City Espresso Rating
Chloe's Café 1399 Church St. Noe Valley San Francisco 6.70
Jump Start Coffee & Grocery 1192 Guerrero St. Noe Valley San Francisco 3.80
Noeteca Cafe & Wine Bar 1551 Dolores St. Noe Valley San Francisco 7.20
Rodger's Coffee & Tea 3520A 20th St. Mission San Francisco 6.20
Tart to Tart 641 Irving St. Inner Sunset San Francisco 4.40